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The Guatemalan Canophila Association was established on June 12, 1975. Our purpose is to promote and preserve the purity of the canine species. Encourage and disseminate knowledge of the different canine breeds. Promote the establishment of Dog Clubs.


Our Mission: Promote and maintain the Guatemalan Canine Genealogical Registry.
Encourage the development of dog shows and competitions for beauty and sports within the Guatemalan territory.



Our Administrative and Canine Genealogical Registry offices are located at Avenida de las Américas 19-54 zone 13.


Genealogical Record

It is the body in charge of ensuring the purity of the specimens that are registered, according to the standard established by the breeding countries of the different breeds.
Within its attributions is the updating of registration statistics.

Our Support

We are currently Federated members of the Federation Cynologíca Internacional (FCI), the most important canophilic entity in the world.

Our achievements

We currently organize:

  • 20 national beauty events with obedience and agility competitions.

  • 12 International Exhibitions, 6 National Exhibitions.

  • The average number of attendees as a public is 2,000 people.

  • Seminars and courses related to competition events.


Board of Directors


PERIOD 2021 - 2023

  • PRESIDENT - Mr. Pedro González-Teja Puigcerver.

  • VICE PRESIDENT - Mr. Juan Leonel Garcia Taracena.

  • SECRETARY - Mrs. Silvia Tanahuve de Toron.

  • TREASURER - Mr. Gerson Miguel Ayala Romero.

  • ADVISOR - Lic. Juan Pablo Saucedo Conde.

  • MEMBER 1 - Lic. Hector Arnoldo Leal Garcia.

  • MEMBER 2 - Mr. Vladimir Antonio Ramirez Santizo.

  • MEMBER 3 - Teresita Baldizón de Amaro.

  • MANAGER - Mrs. Vivian Soberanis de Villalobos.


Court of Honor


PERIOD 2021 - 2023

  • HOLDER 1 - Luis Miguel Aguirre Sagastume.

  • HOLDER 2 - Marta Leticia Cuevas Vidal.

  • HOLDER 3 - Lic. V. Gabriel Ramirez de Leon.

  • SUBSTITUTE 1 - Lic. José Teodoro Ramos Díaz.

  • SUBSTITUTE 2 - Byron Guillermo Garcia Divas.



About us

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